Hwy 91 STEP Innovation Study


Proposed Solutions

The Highway 91 STEP Innovation Study included an evaluation of the effectiveness of a temporary pedestrian crossing near the intersection of Highway 91 (E. Johnson Avenue) and State Street, and an investigation of other possible countermeasures.

Public input regarding the type of countermeasure preferred at the intersection is requested. Conceptual layouts are provided below for the following countermeasures.

  • Traffic Signal

  • Pedestrain Hybrid Beacon 

In addition, an example video of a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon is included on this page.

Hwy. 91 STEP Study Recommended Countermeasures

Recommended Countermeasure - Traffic Signal

Recommended Countermeasure - Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon

FHWA - STEP Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons (video)